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Belletre Marines are intrested in interpertrating and protraying life in the great lakes region during the final years of the New France in the mid-18th century. New France fell to brittin after the military defeat of Mont Calm by Wolfe on the Plains of Abraham in the Fall of 1759. Shortly afterword the vast areas of northern North American under french influence were ceded to the British Crown.

We each protray, as accurately as possible, individuals that were typically found in this reigon and that contributed to the history of this region in the mid-18th century. The individuals protrayed may or may not have actually existed, however each is higly representivite of the historical figures that were known to have frequented this region. Represented are:

  • French-Canadians Voyageurs that paddled the cannons that carried furs and trade items throught the waterways across the whole of Northeastern North America
  • Habitants(farmers/settlers) who came to the detroit area and made there homes there and formed the bases that formed Detroit.
  • The French Marines were assigned to Detroit to serve as soldiers and policemen to protect and guard the frontier. they also had the job of overseeing the fur trade and guarteening the rights of the Native Americans.

Our group contians all of the above plus muscians, doctors, diplomates, and other representatives of the crown. We are always open to people with ideas to help us interpert the 18th century.